In my view,  it is the greatest compliment to be called a man of substance.  I hope I've earned, and will continue to earn, that accolade.

                                                                 — AC           

Who is The Armchair Pragmatist™ . . .                                                                                             

     Shortly after the great recession in 2008, my pride protégé, G.A. Beller (Gabe), managing principal of G. Anton Companies of Chicago, approached 
me to be the source for a book. Gabe envisioned the book would be similar to the best seller Tuesdays with Morrie written by Mitch Albom. I declined to be the source for a book, since I am publicity shy and highly value my privacy. For years I have avoided profile inclusion of my contributions, both financial and in kind. I questioned Beller why anyone would want to hear my views or perspectives. Beller responded, I've been your protege for over thirty-five years, and I consider you the ultimate pragmatist. You were totally out of the stock market in 2008, and didn't suffer any losses from the crash. Since that time, your financial situation has significantly increased, and your experiences and observations, which you shared with a select few, were consistently accurate and invaluable.


     Gabe has continued to urge me to share my perspectives with the public, and he has attempted to pique my interest by labeling me ACThe Armchair Pragmatist™.  To protect my identity, Gabe has offered to write my story. He insists the takeaways of my experiences and observations toward life, econ-omics, politics, and the use of common sense and good judgement should be shared.  Gabe contends that he and I can accomplish this goal while still preserving my unwavering need to maintain my privacy. 


     Based upon his resolute insistence and the value of my relationship with
G.A. Beller, I have agreed to allow him to establish this website and test my appetite for sharing my life’s work with anyone who might be interested. I have left the writing of my biography to Mr. Beller, who has become my closest confidant and best friend over the years.  Our relationship in business dealings have stood the test of time. Gabe and I have spent literally thousands of hours discussing issues and the experiences of our lives.  I spend most days sitting in my armchair, while he is out employing and executing the strategies of our conclusions. It’s been most rewarding to us both personally and professionally, and is typically the highlight of many of my days.                                                                                                                              


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      An Introduction to The Armchair PragmatistTM                                                     by G.A. Beller 

AC - the ultimate pragmatist 

     AC is the ultimate pragmatist. He takes a practical, straight-forward approach to problems, concerning himself primarily with the success or failure of his actions. His pragmatic views come from his comprehensive organization of knowledge, which comes from his vast experience.
     AC is an independent thinker. He consistently challenges conventional wisdom. Special interests control our politicians, our media, and our educational system. AC prompts intellectual thought. Whether you agree or disagree with his conclusions, he is committed to offering an unfiltered interpretation of issues, that will hopefully provide a resource for an informed opinion.
                                                                                                                                                     As it relates to political issues, which more often than not include social and economic proposals, AC presents perspectives that reach beyond the mainstrem media, offering pragmatic perspectives void of outside influence. Political correctness will not sway the writings produced at this site.             
To be successful in business and in life,
you must chart a course with confidence and discipline,
and not be afraid to fail.

                                                                 — AC
      AC has a strong desire to mentor young talent. The success of this mentoring often pays him dividends, but it is the enjoyment of cultivating talent and watching them leave the nest to form their own enterprises that is his most prized reward.
     I have had the good fortune to become best friends with AC over some thirty-five years. As a young businessman, it was my distinct honor to become one of AC's mentees. I considered him to be an anomaly when it came to analyzing a problem and finding the most practical solution—many times by just sitting in his armchair and asking the right questions. 
     Over the years, AC invested in and raised money for dozens of business ventures I pursued, and I prospered from our relationship. Our discussions and his generous allocation of time to my pursuits have encouraged me to be a better person, and has enabled me to have a more successful and lucrative career. It has become clear to me that AC is much more than just an investor and sage advisor, but he is the person that I most admire, and I try to emulate him as best I can.                                                                                                  
     AC is one of the least naive people I have ever met. He analyses information with a keen sense of the meaning. In other words, he reads between the lines to abstract from what is being said and interpret what is the actual intention. This is an ability rarely displayed. When AC dissects a statement, he seems to have actually had access to the thought process by which the statement was derived. AC questions motive/agenda. Sometimes he is called a cynic, but he is primarily a skeptic. This thought process has served him well, and has also served those who have heard and benefited from his interpretations.
        Though  I have successfully convinced him to share his perspectives with the public, AC desires to remain anonymous. I continue to hope that one day he will allow me to interview him and share in detail his stories and experiences in book form. All profits will go to charities of his choosing. I am motivated only by the satisfaction I would achieve from working on the project with AC, my dearest friend and mentor, and being able to share his wisdom with others.                                                                                                              

      Until such time that we may publish a book together, I have offered to provide this biography and relevant background information so that you may get to know better the man I call AC - The Armchair Pragmatist™.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                           G.A. Beller *


* G. A. Beller is managing principal of G. Anton Companies, LLC, founder and president      of ECI Investment Advisors, Inc. He is a freelance political writer, author and literary    advisor. www.gabeller.com

. . . and why my perspectives matter.                                                                       

     I've witnessed the rampant disregard for perspectives on issues which differ from one's own—whether political, social, or economic.  Some of the most intelligent people I know are so opinionated in their beliefs, they refuse to expand their information base beyond those sources which support their own opinions. To those individuals, I have nothing to offer.                                                                                                                          — AC